Royal Australian Naval Reserve Rifle Club Inc

The Royal Australian Naval Reserve Rifle Club (RANRRC) is an active Rifle, Pistol, Rimfire Metallic Silhoutte and Shotgun club located in Sydney.

We hold Rifle competitions that attract not only service rifle shooters but also hunters wanting snap-shooting and moving target practice. We also have IPSC Pistol and Rimfire Metallic Silhouette and Shotgun competitions.

If you already have a NSW firearms licence, you can shoot in our competitions as a visitor. If you do not hold a NSW firearms licence, you can simply fill out a NSW Firearms Registry P650 Form and you can try out shooting with us under supervision.

 Contact Details

Club Captain - Phone and Fax: (02) 9349-4323


Postal Address: PO 6031, Malabar NSW 2036

 Club Approval Numbers: 405671793 (Rifle); 408765779 (Pistol); 408765763 (Hunting)


Affiliated with: SSAA (NSW) Inc. & IPSC NSW Inc.


Our Mission is: 

          To give instruction in the safe and efficient handling of military, military-style and commercial rifles and pistols.

          To promote competitions aimed at proficiency in shooting, in particular as an aid to National Defence.

          To foster shooting as a sport and for recreation.

          To cultivate good citizenship.